Thursday, May 3, 2012

Best Camera Apps for Taking Baby Pictures

I try to snap a few photos of The Nipper everyday, and like most people, rely on my iphone as my digital camera. Lucky for me, there are some really great apps out there I use to make my memories look great.


With family and friends scattered across the country,  I am constantly getting hit up to send pictures of the The Nipper. Instagram is a great way to send out quick updates, without racking up your text message limit. You can apply plenty of filters and borders to give you that toy camera look, and people can reply with little love notes and comments. Bonus, you can have you photos printed like little polaroids by Printsagram.

Camera + is my camera app of choice. My favorite features include a stabilizer and burst setting, allowing you to fire off a ton of photos at once, excellent for squirming babies. You can also dress up your photo with plenty of borders and filters to choose from.

 VSCO Cam is my favorite app for processing and touching up photos. The features are super easy to navigate to new and existing photos.

What photo apps do you use? And what do you think of these? XO!

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